There were many hospitals and convalescent homes in and around Folkestone during the war. I have recently been sent the following item:

“I saw Mrs. Creagh off by the morning boat. I had an opportunity of introducing her to Captain Walker, Naval Reserve, Embarkation Officer, and he was glad to get her signature in his book, which is a most wonderful record since August 1914 of any person of any importance who has embarked or disembarked. There are signatures of Kings, Queens, General, etc., and it is a most valuable record, which is going to be given to the Nation. I visited the Marine Hotel, and went round with Miss Easby, and arranged that a notice board should be put at the entrance, notifying what the building was. I also arranged with her that all members of the Nursing Services warned for demobilisation should spend one week’s notice at the Marine prior to embarking.”

Another nursing connection has recently appeared on the Great War Forum. Click here to read it and to see the charming painting of a nurse. I wonder who she was?

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