Step Short at No 10

Last week our chair, Damian Collins MP, vice-chair, Ann Berry and treasurer, Paul Emden were invited to 10 Downing Street to discuss our plans for WW1 Centenary commemorations next year. Reporting on the meeting, Damian said ‘Our project has received significant interest from the Government…I believe we have the opportunity to create something next summer which will be a fitting tribute to the soldiers [whose journey to the Western Front started at Folkestone] and put Folkestone on the map as a centre of these national commemorations.’

no 10

2 thoughts on “Step Short at No 10”

  1. Can I ask, if the project has and is receiving such high level National focus, why is funding for the project at a local level? Was the Heritage Lottery Fund ever approached? Considering the “Significant Government Interest”, surely they would have looked upon this favourably?

  2. Thanks for your question Jim. Please have a look at my detailed response via the link on our home page. In short, the local funding has been agreed by your elected representatives after detailed consideration and correct procedures. As to why, you must ask them. I assume that they believed the commemoration of the Town’s unique role in WW1 and the honouring of the millions who came here in WW1 is a worthwhile cause. HLF. Yes they have been approached. Government. We would have liked some financial support, of course, but the £50m (makes our project seem quite small doesn’t it?) has been allocated to other projects e.g School visits to battlefields .. Do you think that is the best use of so much money?
    Jim, you have said on your Step2far site that you support most of our work. Why not join us and put your experience as a Veteran to good use in supporting our educational work? You would be very welcome.

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