War Horse – Folkestone

As Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the Michael Morpurgo story about Joey, the War Horse, hits the screens, we take a look at the life of real life war horses. As Britain’s front-line town and gateway to France, many of these noble creatures began their ‘enlistment’, training and journey to the Western Front, in Folkestone.  Click on the heading to read more.

The role of the horse, it’s value, and close affinity to the men who looked after them was recorded in 1919 in an illustrated book, The Horse and the War. Click on the image to read the book online.

As well as the horses of the British army, when they arrived, the Canadians also brought their own animals. Many of these soldiers were accomplished horsemen, and dazzled the people of Folkestone with displays of their skills. Click on the poster to view a rare piece of film of the Canadians in training with their horses.

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