Military March Music Competition in Folkestone

9th May 2014

Military March music composed by the Army and the Royal Air Force in honour or those who took part in the First World War will be aired for the first time next month at a competition in Folkestone.


Educational charity Step Short invited the Directors of Music of the three Armed Forces to ask their musicians and student musicians to compose a military march called Step Short to be played at the unveiling of Folkestone’s new commemorative arch on 4 August.


Step Short was the order given to millions of men and women to allow them to shorten their stride as they descended the steep slope of Folkestone’s Road of Remembrance on their way to the harbour and a boat to the Western Front during the war.


The Directors of Music of the RAF and Army have now each put their two best entries forward for a Step Short judging panel that will meet on Friday 9 May at Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe, near Folkestone. The Royal Marines were unable to compete due to other commitments.


The Band of The Brigade of Gurkhas is hosting the event and will play the four entries for the judging panel, which will be advised by Major David Cresswell (Retd), the Director of Military Music at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover.


The winning composer of the Step Short March will be presented with a prize of £1,000, thanks to a private Sponsor, and the music will be played by the Gurkha Band as part of the parade and march that will take place on 4 August during the unveiling of the commemorative arch on The Leas.


Judges will be competition coordinator Alan Warren, from the Step Short events group, Ann Berry and Ben Millbery BA.

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